Обувки за Ски Туринг и Freeride


2979 Ascent Auto/Semi Auto - CAMP
2979 Ascent Auto/Semi Auto - CAMP

Tова е единственият модел, включващ предни шини и за автомат, и за полуавтомат! The Ascent is a lightweight steel crampon for mountaineering. It uses a minimalist design to reduce weight withou...

2584 - CAMP  Skimo Race
2584 - CAMP Skimo Race

 180 g If you want speed and low weight, the Skimo Race crampons from Camp is the way to go. These crampons are lightweight, tough and extremely easy to put on and take off. Made of...

2585 - CAMP  Skimo Tour
2585 - CAMP Skimo Tour

 230g The Skimo Tour ski mountaineering crampon from CAMP is ideal for competitions and steep climbs, light, sturdy and easy to put on. Skimo Tour has the same structure as the Skimo R...

2586 - CAMP  Skimo Nanotech
2586 - CAMP Skimo Nanotech

 240g Made for use when you expect to encounter a small bit of steep or hard ice like on larger mountain adventures. The CAMP Skimo Nanotech is the most durable crampon in CAMP’s alu...

2981 - CAMP  Skimo Pure Nanotech
2981 - CAMP Skimo Pure Nanotech

За по-сериозни планински изкачвания с лед или скали! The Skimo Pure Nanotech is a hyperlight steel crampon designed for ski mountaineering and competitive ski mountaineering racing. It uses the...

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