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Revolution WC- ATK

Revolution WC- ATK

The Revolution World Cup binding by ATK is their ultimate race binding - pushing double digits of grams per ski. But while other ultralight race bindings go as simple as possible to reach that coveted 100g mark, ATK rose to the challenge and produced a race binding that is competitively lightweight AND packed full of ATK's patented technology. With that in mind, which features should we start with? Perhaps with the heel piece, which utilizes U-springs with rolling bushings to make step-in easier and improve vertical release consistency. The heel flap has a screw that lets you adjust the resistance to flipping it or tighten it up if the flap gets worn down over the long years that this binding will last. Moving on to the toe, the first thing you'll notice is that rather than using springs, the toe piece employs a clever cam system to open and close the pins. This provides adjustable retention in the toe, allowing the skier (you) to adjust the clamping stiffness to accommodate worn inserts or aggressive skiing. The geometry of the toepiece (which ATK calls the Easy Entry System) is designed to make stepping-in thoughtless for all kinds of boots, even ones with worn-down soles. One-of-a-kind, the ATK Revolution WC challenges the expectations of what a minimal-weight race binding is capable of, and it challenges the rest of the skimo binding industry to try to keep up.

Rolling-in U-springs last longer, make step-in easier, and release more consistent than conventional U-springs.
Cam-based toe is easy to get in and allows for adjustment of the locked-out pin force - ideal for well-loved boots that have seen better days.
Adjustable screw on the heel for tightening/loosening the heel flap so you aren't afflicted with floppy-flap syndrome.
Made with aluminum, titanium, and a carbon-infused polymer for excellent durability and longevity.
Option for release values of approximately 9 (Standard) or 6 (Lightweight version).
Improved toe lever for ease of use and less aesthetic wear over time.

Weight - 108g

Bindings "Race & Speed" Model / Producer

Price: 1080 lv.

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