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Phantom - Evolv

Phantom - Evolv

Those who really want to go for it when climbing need good climbing shoes. How lucky we are that we can offer precisely that with the Phantom by Evolv . These climbing shoes have everything you need for vertical and overhang climbing and fit like a glove. The reason for this is especially the aggressive form and the synthetic outer material. This is able to adapt perfectly to your foot shape without affecting the form of the shoes. These shoes also have a practical hook-and-loop fastener for extra stability. This makes them the ideal compromise between slip-on shoes and shoes with multiple hook-and-loop fasteners. Putting on the very close-fitting shoes is made considerably easier by means of the pull-on loops.

The sole also has an aggressive downturn and is perfect for standing on small and tiny footholds. The shoes also have a special rubber coating on both the toe and the heel. This makes it easy to set precise toe and foot hooks. So if you don't want to leave it up to chance on the rock face or in the climbing gym, these are the shoes for you.

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Price: 300 240 lv.

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