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Mountain - Pierre Gignoux

Mountain - Pierre Gignoux

Изцяло от Carbon и с цяла вътрешна обувка.


Inspired by the surrounding mountains, our Mountain boot is the first carbon boots ever dedicated for downhill.

In addition to its lightweight construction, one of the strengths of the Mountain is the freedom of movement it allows for the ankle, enabling you to launch your foot even further without resistance.

Twice as rigid laterally, the Mountain is a machine for steering skis. With unparalleled precision, you will be perfectly equipped to tackle any slope.

Several years are required to design a boot. From the idea to the finished product, through numerous tests, no detail is left to chance.

All our products are handcrafted in the French Alps. Each piece is designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

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Цена: 3700 лв.

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