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Start 2.0 - LACD

Start 2.0 - LACD

The Harness Start 2.0 from LACD is great for both beginners and advanced climbers. Its smooth metal buckles are easy to use. The harness can be adjusted on both sides via the two buckles at the hips, ensuring the tie-in loop stays in the middle. The buckles on the leg loops are adjustable, so the harness will sit well whether you’re wearing airy shorts or thick thermal trousers. In addition, it has four gear loops that provide space for your quickdraws, carabiners, slings and other equipment that need to remain within easy reach. It even comes with a separate attachment loop at the back for a chalk bag.

Another practical feature includes the wide foam padding on the hips and leg loops to distribute the load evenly whilst hanging, which provides more comfort on longer climbs and whilst belaying. Even on multi-pitch routes you’ll be able to hang comfortably, since the harness won’t press into your body.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable and comfortable climbing harness, then you’ve got to take a closer look at the versatile Harness Start 2.0 from LACD.

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Цена: 95 лв.

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