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Palu - CollTex

Palu - CollTex

The Pälu from Colltex is a high quality sealskin , made of 100% Mohair wool and offering an exceptional grip on all snow qualities, while maintaining an excellent glide.

It is ideal for long ski tours, high mountains and multi-day outings. A model that has therefore been developed for expert users.

The Colltex Pälu skin is equipped with a front stirrup for the tip attachment and a camlock strap for the heel attachment.

Be sure to choose skins with a width corresponding to your skis. Here, the Pälu is 120 mm wide. We therefore recommend it for a ski with a width of 120 to 130 mm at its widest point, ie at the front tip.


100% mohair wool
Width 120 mm
Weight of 103.5 grams (for a skin of 60 mm x 150 cm)
Front stirrup + camlock
Sold by pair

Колани Colltex

Цена: 340 лв.

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