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Core Pro Carbon - Hagan

Core Pro Carbon - Hagan

The new developed CORE Pro Carbon is light, advanced, and stable and now has a new carbon-reinforced shell.

The top deep cut in the fibula reduces typical restrictions occurring in this area.

With a buckle fastener and a variable power strap on the cuff you will find the right position for you reaching a stable hold without any problems using the scale. The large lever of the ski-walk mechanism is very easy to lock and unlock and can even be operated wearing thick gloves. The cuff area under the ski-walk mechanism has been shortened to increase cuff rotation. The tongue is made of a solid lower part offering the required stability for going downhill as well as a softer upper part that provides enough room for unconstraint movement when going uphill. The forefoot is optimally enclosed by the three point fixing. The boot feels relaxed yet provides a maximum degree of safety. As usual, the boot has a normal ramp angle in the heel area. Suitable for pin bindings and tech bindings, such as the Marker KingPin and M-Grip Sole for example, which give you the required grip if you are on different surfaces. The inner boot is completely thermoformable. The CORE PRO Carbon is suitable for both women and men (unisex model).

The CORE PRO Carbon touring boot with redesigned cuff and a new inner boot:

•For both, women and men
•65° cuff rotation - even more freedom of movement and comfort going uphill
•18° forward lean in downhill mode - maximum power transfer for a sporty skiing style
•Fully thermoformable inner boot for a perfect fit
•Areas of use: For sporty tourers, especially allmountain
•Cuff can be selectively expanded
•Colour: Anthracite/Black

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Цена: 1160 830 лв.

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