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Grasshopper - Valandre

Grasshopper - Valandre

As opposed to our more intense, high-altitude goose down bags, the Grasshopper is perfect for those who love to spend a casual weekend in the hills.

This bag features 397g of our Pyrenean French duck down (total bag weight: 885 g/31.2 oz), so you can take on early frosty morning temps (-3°C/35°F) in the spring or fall without issue. The compartment in the body section is placed vertically to prevent shifting down, and the hood can be tightened if needed.

As a rectangular bag, the Grasshopper can also be transformed into a luxury quilt, perfect for warmer nights or cuddling up with a friend or lover!


до -21 градуса

Свръхлеки Модел / Фирма

Цена: 660 лв.

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