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The 2021/2022 Roxa R/Fit Pro 130 I.R. was tested in the men’s All-Mountain Traditional medium category by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist
Biggest surprise of the test. Very surprised by the boot’s performance characteristics. Surprised by how well the pre-mold worked on the liner. Feels surprisingly good. You getting the drift here? Testers were caught off guard by the solid and comfortable game of the new R/Fit Pro 130 I.R. from initial try-on to multiple test laps on a variety of different snow and terrain. Nicely done Roxa.

The Fit
The I.R. in the name means Intuition-Roxa for the full-thermo liner it comes packing—testers were impressed with how well the liner actually fit straight out of the box, without full heat molding, but the fact that it was going head to head with other boots that didn’t require a full mold may have accounted for its lower-than-expected fit score. Testers who took the time to re-test after complete custom molding were more impressed with the fit, overall. One common mention was a firm (low) fit across the midfoot, under the second buckle, so feet with average to lower instep heights will do best here. Testers said the R/Fit Pro 130 fit evenly medium throughout, otherwise. The flex feel was firm, testers agreed, and they also concurred that cuff height and stance alignment should all receive an ideal rating.

Testers remarked that the boot’s predictable nature made linking arcs through a variety of terrain a snap—bankable performance with a damp and stable feel underfoot was the call. Testers called it a reliable powerhouse but they noted that its reaction time wasn’t shabby either and its feel on the foot was lighter than most. Several testers commented about the roundness of turns that the R/Fit Pro generated and they liked that it linked them up regardless of radius and speed.

Cool Features
Its only score parameter to match its edge power and stability score was its convenience, comfort and warmth score! Testers liked the feel against the foot of the Intuition liner and as one would expect from the I.R. liner, they called it both warm and lightweight. Testers are fans of the trendy power strap’s cam-lock quick release pull tab, and they also appreciate the stance dialing dual cuff adjustment option. Dual pull loops are similarly handy for handling, and GripWalk soles smooth out the stride while trucking about.

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