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The 2021/2022 Roxa R/Fit Pro W 105 was tested in the women’s All-Mountain Traditional medium category by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist
Testers loved their first look at the ocean blue R/Fit Pro W 105 and liked it even more once they had it on and it sealed the deal after they pointed skis downhill with it. It’s more snug than expected for a medium width and stiffer than expected for a 105 flex, and they liked it more than they thought they would all the way around. With few fit or performance issues to note, testers took this one for a spin around the whole mountain—just because they could.

The Fit
Testers agreed that it fit a little short in the toebox, and in fact, found it to be on the snug side of the medium width group throughout the front half of the shell, though it opened up to the rear—sort of like a boot mullet, business in the front, party in the back! As testers skied the boot and the liner broke in, they cited more even fit scores. The cuff runs slightly tall on the leg and to the upright side of the fore-aft average, which made this a long lever arm for torquing around a ski. Testers said the flex feel was firm and stronger than the 105 label suggested.

Testers liked the accurate steering response and smooth transitions from turn to turn—it’s quickness score was nearly perfect and represented its highest marks. Testers felt that there was plenty of power on tap to drive the fattest and stiffest skis but also found a surprising amount of fine tuning in its edging repertoire.

Cool Features
When a boot looks as cool as this one does, all the features and convenience elements seem to come together nicely. Testers liked the liner fur and two pull loops just fine. The Opti-Lock buckle provides a movable second buckle position (you’ll need a tool) for personalizing the feel over the top of the foot as well as fine tuning the boot’s heel retention from the instep fit.

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