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ZAI Helmet

ZAI Helmet

Masterpiece: Robust, sporty, and clear in design, the zai helmet by CP impresses with its black ABS shell and mirrored single-lens visor. Highlights: self-tinting visor with glare protection and anti-fog coating for all lighting conditions. 100% UV protection. Lining made of 100% cashmere. Removable, cashmere lined earflaps. Adjustable ventilation for optimal thermals. The new helmet flatters both aesthetics and ergonomics and optimizes acoustics on the slopes. Thanks to the Size Adapting System, it adapts to individual sizes with just one twist. Unisex.

Light transmission VLT: 31% – 24
Light absorption: 76% – 69%
Protection level: S2

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Цена: 1300 лв.

София, п.к. 1164, ул. "Арх. Йордан Миланов", 26 Б
GSM: 0888 141 046