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FIXE Rope "Sport 9.9" 60 m

 FIXE Rope

Fixe Roca Sport 9.9 mm climbing rope entire PFC-Free is designed for sport climbing and is aimed at all supporters of the environment and perfect for those approaching climbing.

The 9.9 mm diameter makes it extremely safe with the most common assisted braking insulators.

The rope is made of PFC-Free materials, is free of perfluorocarbons, toxic chemicals and carcinogens.

Fixe Roca eliminates the dangerous combination from its production looking for materials that have high biodegradability and a high degree of respect for the environment. Innovation also means creating products aimed at those who go to the mountains, respecting the environment that surrounds us.

Sport 9.9 presents the Middle Mark sign in half to help you adjust during the safety and built with "Nature" treatment that is the most respectful to the environment.

Rope Type
Single Rope
9.9 mm
64 g per meter
Dynamic Elongation Single Rope
35 %
Static Elongation Single Rope with 80 kg
6.5 %
Impact Force Single Rope
8.2 kN
Number of Falls Single Rope
Rope Sheath Percentage
34 %
Indentificazione metà corda
Middle Mark
Nature, PFC-Free, Ready to Climb
CE EN 892

Динамични Модел / Фирма

Цена: 230 лв.

София, п.к. 1164, ул. "Арх. Йордан Миланов", 26 Б, в апартамент на 2-рия етаж
GSM: 0888 141 046