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Beta Captive - Grivel

Beta Captive - Grivel

The Grivel Beta Captive Quickdraw is designed to keep the carabiner in the right position to prevent cross-loading. A wide Dyneema sling makes it easy for clipping while the Captive Beta's internal gate system ensures the strength is always distributed along the major axis to make it more resistant. Ideal for sport climbers it makes a great addition to your rock climbing rack. Includes Beta Captive Straightgate carabiner, Plume Wiregate carabiner with a 13cm Dyneema tape.

Wiregate Quickdraw with Captive System
Closed gate strength (Plume): 22kN
Closed gate strength (Beta Captive): 22kN
Open gate strength (Plume): 7kN
Open gate strength (Beta Captive): 9kN
Cross load strength (Plume): 7kN
Cross load strength (Beta Captive): 9kN
Weight: 104g

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Цена: 46 лв.

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