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G1 Plus - Grivel

G1 Plus - Grivel

The Grivel G1 is a light ice but sturdy ice axe for mountain walking. It can be used for support on steep slopes, chopping steps and, with practice, self-arrest.

It has a classic  pick with an ergonomic design that remains comfortable in the hand after hours of use and a natural rubber grip that covers the Ergal 7075 alloy shaft.

Thus it still has all the characteristics of a Grivel ice axe, a hot forged, one piece head that provides maximum strength and minimal weight.

It comes with Grivel's hands free Rotor Leash that you attach to your rucksack strap.

Weight: ca 485g (58cm).

Пикели Модел / Фирма

Цена: 195 лв.

София, п.к. 1164, ул. "Арх. Йордан Миланов", 26 Б, в апартамент на 2-рия етаж
GSM: 0888 141 046