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2981 - CAMP Skimo Pure Nanotech

2981 - CAMP  Skimo Pure Nanotech

За по-сериозни планински изкачвания с лед или скали!

The Skimo Pure Nanotech is a hyperlight steel crampon designed for ski mountaineering and competitive ski mountaineering racing. It uses the same frame design and T-Stop binding system as the Skimo Tour, but the frame is constructed entirely from proprietary Sandvik Nanoflex® stainless steel for a solid grip on hard snow and ice. The micro-adjustable linking bar with large and small range settings delivers a precise fit for all boot lengths. The linking bar can also be replaced with the optional Dyneema® linking strap (sold separately) to reduce weight and allow the crampons to be folded onto themselves for tighter packability. Semi-auto toe bails (sold separately) can be integrated for boots without toe welts. Dynamic anti-balling plates and carrying case included.

Sandvik Nanoflex® is an innovative patented steel alloy that is 70% stronger and 20% harder than normal steel which allows for a significant reduction in the amount of metal used, thereby decreasing weight while maintaining strength.

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Цена: 340 лв.

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