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2584 - CAMP Skimo Race

2584 - CAMP  Skimo Race

 180 g

If you want speed and low weight, the Skimo Race crampons from Camp is the way to go. These crampons are lightweight, tough and extremely easy to put on and take off.

Made of aluminium to keep the weight as low as possible, the Skimo Race is equipped with the innovative T-Stop toe bail system and a tried and true heel lever system. For shoes without a toe welt, there's a add-on you can buy separately. The linking bar can be adjusted very precisely to ensure that half sizes fit as well. For a lower weight and packability, Dyneema linking straps are available separately. With these, you can fold up the crampons. Anti-balling plates, a Torx key and a carrying case are included.

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Цена: 260 лв.

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