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Skimo Tour - CAMP

Skimo Tour - CAMP


The Skimo Tour ski mountaineering crampon from CAMP is ideal for competitions and steep climbs, light, sturdy and easy to put on.

Skimo Tour has the same structure as the Skimo Race (click here to view the product) crampon but unlike the latter, the connecting bar adjusts itself no more by means of screws but through a spring system that allows you to quickly switch from one measurement to another without the use of tools.

The connecting bar has a double row of holes and can be adjusted very precisely to ensure that even the half sizes fit.

The lacing system is simple and easy with an innovative adjustable T-Stop front stop, which allows the crampon to adapt to any ski mountaineering boot with a front step. Instead you will find on the back an adjustable heel on three positions instead of the stop.

Skimo Tour also adapts to boots without a front step: just replace the front stop T-Stop with a front adapter, sold separately and optional (click here to view the product).

If you want an even lighter crampon, you can replace the bar with a Dyneema ribbon, available separately (click here to view the product). The latter also allows you to compact the crampon, bending it on itself and get the least space in your backpack.

Skimo Tour comes equipped with antibott, key set for adjusting the front stop, housing.

Skimo Tour is the perfect crampon for your next adventure.

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Цена: 280 лв.

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