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Stopper Set Classic 5-11 - Black Diamond

Stopper Set Classic 5-11 - Black Diamond

Stoppers No. 5-11 racked on an OvalWire carabiner. Black Diamond Stoppers are an essential for every trad rack, designed with a transverse taper that permits sideways placements in flares and shallow seams. Anodized by size, they're quickly identifiable and rounded edges make for easy removal. Each Stopper is equipped with a durable, galvanized steel cable.

    Durable aluminum heads and steel cables
    Transverse taper is versatile in flares, constrictions and parallel cracks
    Rounded edges for easy cleaning (smaller sizes are straight for better surface contact)

Tech Specs
Weight :   281 g (9.9 oz)
Strength : 
[size 5] 6 kN (1349 lbf)
[size 6-11] 10 kN (2248 lbf)

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Цена: 170 лв.

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