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Rope bucket easy spring - LACD

Rope bucket easy spring - LACD

Thanks to its circumferential metal spirals, the Rope Bucket Easy Spring is safe and stable. The rope bucket from LACD can be adjusted in height with the three side compression straps and can be compressed to the maximum for transport. Fully unfolded comes the Rope Bucket at 46 cm height and a diameter of 38 cm. It also offers enough space for longer climbing ropes. In addition, the sturdy rope bucket inside is equipped with four loops and a large zippered pocket. This not only fits the climbing rope in the Rope Bucket, but also Expresssets, carabiners and climbing shoes. With the two color-coded rope binding loops, climbers can easily orient themselves and know immediately where the rope start and rope end are located. The two carrying handles and the additional shoulder strap make the transport to the climbing rock or the climbing hall particularly comfortable. The LACD rope bucket made of sturdy ripstop material can be zipped with a mesh lid to keep everything safe during transport.


Cover made of mesh fabric with zipper
robust ripstop material, coated inside
4 interior material loops
2 rope binding loops (1 x red, 1 x black)
1 large zipped pocket inside
1 shoulder strap
2 carrying handles
solid, stable form
3 compression straps
Main material: 100% nylon
Material mesh: 100% polyester

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Цена: 80 лв.

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