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Ultra Tour - Masters

Ultra Tour - Masters

Is ski-mountaineering your deep passion? That's what you are looking for!

Model Ultra Tour is a telescopic pole in two sections of poles in Calu® (our worldwide exclusive for this aluminum alloy core with a carbon coat) with 16 mm and 14 mm diameters.

Palmo is a soft touch grip and extra long foam allow you to hold the pole at different height without working with the Clamper blocking system.

Neoprene strap is very comfortable, without using gloves too.

Tip support is equipped with RBS® system: lifting up the red ring, you'll be able to replace a different basket, depending on the terrain where you are going to hike.

Carbide tip will guarantee a hard grip to iced or stony terrain.

Measure: 86 cm closed - 140 cm max extension.

Ski Tour Модел / Фирма

Цена: 150 лв.

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