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Worldcup Race Ti S Mitt Speed System' 2021 - Leki

Worldcup Race Ti S Mitt Speed System' 2021 - Leki

The robust, sporty, and technically sophisticated Leki World Cup Ti. S Mitten Speed System offers maximum performance while meeting all racing requirements. Ergonomically pre-shaped fingers are a unique feature and offer superior fit. The Speed S System was developed in collaboration with World Cup athletes and guarantees a variety of gripping positions even in speed disciplines. The Integrated Trigger S system allows lightning-fast clicking into and out of the pole safety binding.

Titanium PRO Panel
New Race Fit - the built-in pads and protectors deliver uncompromising racing performance.
Silicone Enforced Grip Pads
Flex Zone
PRO Glide Zone
Advanced Pre-curved fingers
PRO Grip Zone
Ceramic Enforced 3D Silicone Finger Pads
Flex Cuff
Trigger S
Warmth level: extra warm

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Цена: 360 240 лв.

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