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Rent Me - ATK

 Rent Me - ATK

ATK innovative project dedicated to the world of rental, bringing close, for the first time, ski touring to the mass market.

Our R & D department has cleverly moved to this project the renowned quality of our products, thus presenting the first rental touring binding  that can be adjusted easily, anywhere, within seconds, without using any tools ( just your hands). A real turning point for all those renters who have to quickly adjust many pairs of ski tests: thanks to this invention, they will save valuable time, reducing any possible margin of error.

RENT ME is studied in every single detail to bring a real innovation in the market : starting with silver color, functional for a massive use, using the same high quality materials used in the production of other ATK® models to test with the help of the potential of our products, the application of patented innovative systems in order to obtain performance never before achieved with a rental binding

The toe positioning  can be adjusted in 1 second by pressing the 2 red buttons on the front baseplate: the toe provides 30 mm adjustment with 5 steps of 7,5 mm each.

The heel position can be adjusted in 1 second by pressing the white plastic button on the heel part: the heel provides 30 mm adjustment with 30 steps of 1 mm each.

WEIGHT: 420 gr

Автомати Модел / Фирма

Цена: 1250 780 лв.

София, п.к. 1164, ул. "Арх. Йордан Миланов", 26 Б, в апартамент на 2-рия етаж
GSM: 0888 141 046