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Syborg Racing Pant W - La Sportiva

Syborg Racing Pant W - La Sportiva

Pair the Syborg Pant with the companion Syborg Jacket and you have a two-piece race suit for days when a one-piece is not necessary or preferred.
Designed with stretch fabrics and an athletic fit ensuring a full range of movement and exceptional body climate control to support elite level athletic performance.

80% Polyester • 20% SpandexSeamless Waistband:
60% Nylon • 35% Polypropylene • 5% SpandexBottom Hem:
92% Nylon • 8% SpandexBack Knee Insert:
91% Polyester • 9% Spandex

Weight: 222 gr (M)

Трико и облекло Модел / Фирма

Цена: 250 лв.

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