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Primino 140 T-Shirt - Montane

Primino 140 T-Shirt - Montane

За първи път на Световния пазар сега - 2016 г., се поиави тази уникална комбинация на материи: Merino + Primalofy + Plygiene

Blending the remarkable properties of Merino wool and PrimaLoft®, this baselayer is designed for active use in cold conditions. Premium Merino wool draws vapour sweat away from the body whilst high quality PrimaLoft® yarns wick liquid sweat across the outer surface, allowing it to dry quickly. Treated with odour resistant POLYGIENE® so you can wear it more and wash it less. 

140g weight; warm to cool temperature rating
Versatile year round use
Merino wool blended with PrimaLoft® fibres
Odour resistant
Fast drying
Comfortable against skin
Flat locked seams 

Термо бельо Модел / Фирма

Цена: 110 лв.

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