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Swing Liteflex - Euroschirm

Swing Liteflex - Euroschirm

The world's lightest trekking umbrella of its kind.

Weight: 207 g.

Despite its incredible "lightweight" this trekking umbrella is extremely strong and nearly unbreakable. The excellent workmanship of newest materials makes this umbrella outstanding. Lightest weight at highest durability - these were the requirements when developing this unique trekking umbrella.

High-density fiberglass ribs, lightest fiberglass shaft with special coating, highly flexible and nearly unbreakable. New developed safety runner .

Lightweight and comfortable high-density EVA hardfoam with grooves ensures a dry feeling on the handle when wet .

100% Polyester fabric, as lightweight as a breeze, extremely tear proof, with Teflon® coating for high water repellence - soil-resisting.

The sleeve case with net and non-slip fabric is easy to fold and is also very lightweight .

Swing liteflex - your constant companion for all weather conditions without additional weight. 

Special treatments:

UV-protection with sun protection factor of 50+ TÜV-certified; canopy: outside-silver; inside-black

Чадъри и дъждобрани Euroschirm

Цена: 90 лв.

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