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Bering - Valandre

Bering - Valandre

Най-добрата пухенка за хималайски и полярни експедиции!!!



Vitus Bering was a Danish seafarer and explorer giving name to the Bering Sea and Straight just west and northwest of Alaska. Both of which he explored during Russian service from 1733 to 1741.He didn't have the luxury of a Valandré product on his journeys, but in recognition of his discoveries we named this full expedition jacket after him.No less than 28 individual compartments keep the down in place. We've added extra down to the shoulders: the higher density ensures that weight (pull) from pockets is equalized and isolation maintained. All pockets are zippered, both the large inside and the two outside bellows pockets. Full double zipper system backed by an internal, down-filled storm flap effectively shuts out gale force winds and snow. Drawcords in collar, waist and hem. Cuffs adjust with Velcro and as an "extra", the tube containing the waist drawcord is down-filled.The detachable semi tunnel hood secures with both snaps and a broad band of Velcro. It's fully adjustable with both inner drawcord and Velcro on the outside. Furthermore, the brim has been stiffened giving it a cap-like feature to add protection against driving snow.So if you intend to go all the way, go Bering!

* Fabric (outer/inner): Asahi-Kasei Impact 66, Polyamide 50g/m2 DWR-treated / Asahi-Kasei Impact 66, Polyester 50g/m2 Anti-static
    * Down quality: Goose 95/5; 850 cuin +
    * Down load: 500 g.
    * Total weight: 1260 g.
    * Number of compartments: 28

Пухени за експедиции Модел / Фирма

Цена: 1480 лв.

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