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Pocket Hat GTX® - Terra Nova

Pocket Hat GTX® - Terra Nova


This cap should be part of everyones outdoor kit list. 

The Pocket Hat GTX® proves that it is possible to have function, features, and fashion in a single item when done properly. Extremities® design and quality ensures that this versatile little cap is worth every penny on so many levels.

Featuring GORE-TEX® technology, this cap will keep you dry no matter what the weather! The high tech fabric is able to keep out rain, but still allows the head to 'breath' avoiding sweat build up and moisture inside the cap. When you're not wearing the cap, the Tri-Fold peak allows you to simply fold the cap in to a small wallet-sized pack, and stuff it in your rucksack or even pocket. Weighing just 45g, you'll never know you've got it, until you need it!

Waterproof, breathable, packable and fashionable - Everything you need for an every-day use hat.

Шапки Модел / Фирма

Цена: 65 55 лв.

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