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Me Spin off Smock

Me Spin off Smock

The probably lightest weather protective shell in the world has a name: Spin Off Smock. A truly incredible jacket: as light and compact as an orange, and small enough to take along in any trouser pocket. Spin Off Smock is 100% windproof and water resistant, and a prime choice for any minimalist. Truly worth its weight in gold when the weather starts to change and you're a long way from home.

water resistant finish - 1 chest pocket with inverted zip - inverted front zip with rain gutter - attached hood - elastic cuffs - hem with side elastic inserts - chest pocket can be used for storage - decorative, reflective print elements
weight: 72 g

100% Polyamide with Acrylic Coating


-30% намалена цена ---> 105 лв.

За колоездене Модел / Фирма

Цена: 150 лв.

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