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Olympus Mons Evo - La Sportiva

Olympus Mons Evo - La Sportiva

This super lightweight double boot has a PE thermal insulating inner boot that is coupled with a thermo-reflective outer boot with an integrated gaiter.

We used a super insulating lightweight PE outsole to keep the weight down and the TPU midsole is excellent for crampon compatibility and stability on steep terrain.

WEIGHT: 1413 g

OUTER BOOT: Cordura® upper lined with dual-density PE micro-cellular thermal insulating closed cell foam and thermo-reflective aluminium facing/ Insulated removable footbed/ Vibram® rubber rand

INNER BOOT: Water repellant breathable upper with polyamide external layer/ Dual-density PE thermal insulating micro-perforated ventilated foam/ Tri-dimensional structured polyester lining combined with pile

GAITER: Breathable Cordura®/ Kevlar® anti-perforation fabric/ Riri Storm® zipper (UV resistant & waterproof)

INSOLE: 5mm Carbon Fiber + 2.5mm PE micro-cellular thermal insulating closed cell foam topped with a thermo-reflective aluminum layer reinforced with perforated hydrophobic non-woven facing

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Цена: 1270 лв.

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