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Clepsydra K10G - Grivel

Clepsydra K10G - Grivel

The main problem with the belay carabiner on the harness has always been to keep it in the correct position both with and without the rope. Same problem in rappelling.
Grivel has designed a totally new carabiner where a simple second wire gate isolates the belay loop and keeps the proper orientation even with the carabiner door open.
To place the Clepsydra is a totally automatic and intuitive operation.
Bomb proof twingate patented system
Second wire gate isolating the belay loop for belaying or rappelling
Closed belay loop even with the carabiner’s door open
Totally automatic operation
Rounded and large surface for rope and belay loop
Hot drop forged
weight: 89 gr

Карабинери Модел / Фирма

Цена: 40 лв.

ПОРЪЧАЙ Карабинери Модел / Фирма Clepsydra K10G - Grivel

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