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Trango Trek EVO Wns - La Sportiva

Trango Trek EVO Wns - La Sportiva

Distinguishing features: snug fi tting, Supportive upper with good ankle mobility. Ideal for demanding trekking and inaccessible trails thanks to the new Impact Brake System® sole.
It adopts the ankle 3D Flex System multidirectional joint which ensures ankle support and mobility in all directions. Thanks to its characteristics and to the new sole, this model is ideal for walking off trails on rough terrain, difficult trekking and walking with heavy loads. It is available in a women’s version based on studies of the female foot’s morphology.

Зимен трекинг Обувки

Цена: 350 лв.

ПОРЪЧАЙ Зимен трекинг Обувки Trango Trek EVO Wns - La Sportiva

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