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Rapid 260 - CAMP

Rapid 260 - CAMP

Най-леката раница за ск-алпинизъм!!!


The minimalist’s choice for competitive ski mountaineering races. Upgraded from our popular XLP 290, the new Rapid 260 is even lighter and packed with more features! The new Wire Xpress ski carrying system allows skis to be quickly attached or removed without removing the pack and a secondary Dyneema loop and nylon strap allows a second pair of skis to be attached during team races. A side entry pouch allows one-handed access to crampons without removing the pack. Dedicated sleeves for shovel and probe keep gear from shifting around and a tethering system pulls from the bottom of the pack for helping partners in team races.


You’ve got your F1 boots, Duo Race skis, and TI Race bindings. The Rapid 260 is the only pack to even consider.


Volume: 20 L
Weight: 260 g

Раници - CAMP Модел / Фирма

Цена: 140 лв.

ПОРЪЧАЙ Раници - CAMP Модел / Фирма Rapid 260 - CAMP

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