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Laser 20 Elite - Terra Nova

Laser 20 Elite - Terra Nova

За леки и кратки преходи!!!


At only 210g the Laser 20 Elite has to be the best possible compromise between weight and features in a lightweight backpack. Padded shoulder straps, a hip belt with pockets, side compression and storage pockets and a roll-top hood are all present along with additional front attachment points for extra storage if needed. For the adventure racer there can be few alternatives to the Laser 20 Elite, which forms part of Terra Nova's continuing commitment to developing Superlight race equipment for athletes who demend the best.


Volume: 20 L
Weight: 210 g

Раници - Свръх леки Модел / Фирма

Цена: 100 лв.

ПОРЪЧАЙ Раници - Свръх леки Модел / Фирма Laser 20 Elite - Terra Nova

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