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Ice Gauntlet - Terra Nova

Ice Gauntlet - Terra Nova






It's traditional mix of dexterity, durability and a low weight, combined with excellent thermal properties, makes the Ice Gauntlet a great choice for serious mountaineers.

Kevlar with a Coolmax mix has been used in the palm, thumb and fingers, and has been overlaid with Extremosuede for high abrasion resistance. Stretch Cordura is used in the back of the hand for excellent freedom of movement, and shock absorbing gel helps to reduce jarring to the knuckles.

The shell has a brushed fleece lining and Gore-Tex XCR insert, so can be worn alone on warmer days to protect aginst ice-melt. In more severe conditions the included fleece liner glove can also be worn for maximum warmth.








Катерене Модел / Фирма

Цена: 110 лв.

ПОРЪЧАЙ Катерене Модел / Фирма Ice Gauntlet - Terra Nova

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